Real Estate Appraisal Servicing Bond, Clinton, Fayette, Montgomery and Madison County.

Whether it's a young couple's first home or luxurious new construction, our experience and education as licensed appraisers make us qualified to provide home valuations in Bond, Clinton, Fayette, Montgomery and Madison County for clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses and consumers.

Leading appraisal experts for:

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal
  • Estate Planning
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Tax Assessment Disputes
  • Retrospective Valuations
  • Market Value
  • REO Valuations
  • Litigation
  • FHA 

Bailey Appraisal Service

As licensed appraisers, we have the extensive training and credentials to generate the level of reliable home value opinions that banks and major lending institutions need for home loans. With years of experience behind us, we're prepared to accept assignments pertaining to a variety of property types. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Valuations.

Although it seems mounting regulations keep adding to an appraiser's workload , we're able to keep our prices competitive yet always meet or exceed our clients' expectations by employing technology.  And first and foremost, we know the importance of personalized customer service.  So following the Golden Rule, we treat our customers as we'd want to be treated ourselves whether we're face to face, having a phone conversation or communicating in e-mail.  The end result is the best possible experience for our clients.   See for yourself the difference. Call today.

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